Regulations of the Competition

Discomfort or Injuries During the Competition

  1. Please pay attention to the physical condition. If you experience any discomfort, please tell your team members and do not push yourself over the limit.
  2. Never leave your team members unattended in any circumstances. If your team member is injured or exhausted, please send him / her to the nearest checkpoint or first aid depot for help.
  3. If your team member is seriously injuried or cannot walk, please call our emergency hotline (printed on the map of participants), tell us your location and accompany him / her until the arrival of our first-aider.

Quit During the Competition

  1. Participants who intend to quit during the competition must report to the nearest checkpoint. We will record the information of the participant and the team and collect the electronic control card. (Teams cannot compete for Competition Awards if any one of the members quit during the competition.)
  2. We strongly advise that participants who quit during the competition must report to us.

Paying Attention in Midnight Orienteering

  1. Please do not push others in the starting point to avoid accidents.
  2. The team should walk together and should not separate with team member of over 20m.

Road Safety

  1. Please aware of the traffic and never walk on roads. Speed of vehicles in midnight is normally faster than daytime.
  2. Please follow the instructions of traffic lights as midnight drivers are less attentive.
  3. Don't use torches to point at moving vehicles.
  4. Don't flash directly at moving vehicles while shooting.

Emergency Help

  1. Please call our emergency hotline (printed on the map of participants) or ask for help at the nearest checkpoints if necessary.
  2. First-aid depots are set in the competition.

Orienteering Tips

  1. If your feet are painful, don't force yourself to continue.
  2. Please take rest when necessary.
  3. Water will be provided at our checkpoints; snacks will be provided at the finished point.

Public Morals

  1. As the competition will be held in midnight, please lower your voice to avoid disturbance to surrounding residents.
  2. Please keep the environment clean and throw all your rubbish into the rubbish bin.

Details of Regulation

  1. This  is a Score Orienteering competition. Controls with different scores are placed  within the competition area, which the score is assigned by its difficulty to  obtain. The participant obtained the highest score within the time limit will  win the competition.
  2. Participants will be distributed a map, an electronic clock-in card, number bib and SBHK T-shirt. Participant must wear SBHK T-shirt with number bib on it and electronic clock-in card on wrist. (Don't remove the wrist belt.)
  3. The team should arrive every control point together and clock-in with their electronic clock-in cards respectively, so that the arrival time of participant can be recorded. The winning team will be the fastest team which arrives the finished point and has all record of electronic clock-in cards.
  4. Participants must finish the competition on foot and will be disqualified if they use other means of transportation.
  5. Participants must comply with the traffic rules and use pedestrian facilities and cannot walk on roads.
  6. The team should walk together and should not separate with team member of over 20m.
  7. The team will not acquire any rank if they cannot arrive the finished point within the competition hours.


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